(20)12 Moments of Anime

Happy Holidays! I figured I’d jump into the 12 Days of Anime project with my own round-up post of my 12 memorable moments for the year (kudos to Yumeka for the idea).  Anime conventions, aniblog tourneys, favorite anime of the year–it’s all there reminding me why I watch anime and continue to blog.  Thank you for staying with me through 2012, and enjoy reading!

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[Carnival] Marina’s Reflections on Animanga Blogs

Throughout the onslaught of the 2012 Aniblog Tourney, I learned quite a few lessons regarding my own site and how I view other blogs.  I also greatly appreciated the time some wonderful people took to actually leave comments in each round regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the various competitors.  Whether due to my own self-interests or just plain laziness, however, I only really read the feedback that regarded Anime B&B.  By doing so, I undoubtedly missed out on valuable criticism aimed at others that could also apply to me.  This is where Foxy Lady’s carnival idea comes into play.

Gaining and keeping readers are tasks that both new and old bloggers struggle with, accomplishments that some seem to achieve naturally.  Unfortunately, talent and the creative eye don’t bless each and every one of us, and there are fatal mistakes repeated time and time again which end up pushing away instead of attracting loyal readers and commenters.  So what does it take to capture your visitors’ attentions, prompting them to hit that subscribe button? Below are my responses to Ayame’s prompts regarding my own process for choosing which blogs to follow:

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[Remembering Love] Nodame Cantabile’s Isle of Joy

It’s been around five years since it first aired, and Nodame Cantabile continues to hold its place in my heart as one of the greatest josei, no, anime that I have experienced.  Although the characters and story are certainly understandable reasons for loving this show, it is the music and setting that really make Nodame Cantabile an anime for me to remember.

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[Remembering Love] Aria the Natural and Neo Venezia’s Cat Kingdom

Aqua is a world where each day moves slowly and where every encounter with a new person or place feels like coming home.  And yet there are plenty of experiences that emphasize how many mysteries still shroud the city of Neo Venezia.  You could spend your whole life there and never even delve beneath its surface of water canals and cobbled lanes.  Aria the Natural, the second series in the franchise, features both Neo Venezia’s secrets and the very special undine who comes closer than many others do in discovering them.  Among the several supernatural events, my favorites always include the border along the kingdom of cats, a world supposedly ruled by a cat larger than two humans stacked together.  Akari’s strange ability to both see and interact with Cait Sith and other cats in the border between worlds conveys the depth to which she has come to understand and love this city entrenched in the past.

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[Remembering Love] Uchuu no Stellvia: Heading Home to Space

I cannot even begin to count the number of times that I have re-watched Uchuu no Stellvia, and no matter the years that have passed and the new shows that have popped up, it remains to this day one of my most beloved series.  I want to thank TRazor for instigating the Remembering Love series of blog posts, aimed at re-living those special moments from the anime closest to the heart all through the month of May, every Sunday.

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Anime Addicts Anonymous and the Difficulties of Time Management

Kai of deluscar kindly asked me to participate in a project discussing anime and time management.  The prompt, as quoted by Kai, describes this as “…a project where everyone can share how [they] manage their time efficiently, juggling between studies, work and anime…” I always find joint projects like this (like the recent Carnival discussing anime rating) a lot of fun since it not only helps me out when I run dry on inspiration, but it also creates a ton of collaboration between writers and readers.

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[Carnival] Final Thoughts on Rating 10/10 Anime

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Aughhhhh, I’ve been dreading this post! It’s not so much that I didn’t have fun with this carnival, which I did, but I’m horrid with deadlines and don’t like summaries.  So along with my thoughts on the whole affair of rating, I’ve also included my thoughts on the blog carnival experience.
Edit: In other news, THIS IS MY 100TH POST! ^_^

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[Carnival] What Makes a 10/10 Anime?

In participation with du5k’s carnival, I and a good handful of other bloggers will be taking a single topic and discussing it individually on our own blogs.  You’ll be seeing these posts pop up anytime between today, the 9th, and the 15th.  During that period, we invite you to take a look at each of our blogs and see how differently we handle the topic.  At the end of the carnival, bloggers will then write a follow up post summarizing and evaluating the opinions of the others.  We hope this will create a nice, lively discussion among both writers and readers,  If all goes well, this event may be held again.

The chosen topic for this cycle is, “What makes a 10/10 anime?”

Simply put, I have two ways of rating an anime a 10.  The anime may earn it the more publicly legit way through a list of criteria covering such areas as plot, character, setting, and voice.  It may also receive it in a less official manner, being that it is an anime that I “love”.  An anime that may rate an 8 or a 9 after evaluation may be given a 10 once I put on my nostalgia glasses.

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